Our Story

I embarked on my marathon journey at the beginning of 2023, aiming to run a marathon every month. Despite initial doubts about my ability, fueled by the perception of a "conventional" runner - someone with a skinny physique, fast pace, long legs, or a stellar VO2 max - I discovered a deep passion for long-distance running. What set me apart, however, was my unconventional appearance: a love for pizza and a dad bod.

As I proudly shared my marathon goals with others, I often encountered puzzled expressions. People would question, "You don't look like a runner," pointing out my apparent affinity for pizza and my dad bod. To their surprise, my consistent response remained firm: "Big Boys Run too."

In the midst of each race, I noticed a significant presence of men like myself—husky, big-boned, hefty individuals. It dawned on me that there was a sizable community of men who, like me, didn't fit the stereotypical image of a runner but excelled in the race field. Inspired by this realization, I set out on a quest to connect with more big boys who shared a love for running.

Through my exploration, I encountered many men hesitant to start their running journey due to concerns about not fitting the conventional mold. Some feared being judged while lumbering through the neighborhood, feeling inadequate in comparison to their slimmer counterparts. This led to the inception of "Big Boys Run Too."

The goal of Big Boys Run Too is to empower men who, like me, defy the stereotypes associated with runners. It's a movement aimed at encouraging individuals to shed their shirts on hot days, embrace midday runs, and unite within a community that celebrates our differences. This movement is not just about running; it's about changing the narrative around health and fitness for big boys.

Join us in challenging the status quo, where triple-X running shirts are scarce and expensive. Big Boys Run Too is a call to embrace a new culture of health and fitness, fostering a supportive community that transcends physical appearance. Together, we can make the world a better place while looking awesome and breaking barriers.




A Marathon Every Month